We love our brand

100% GREEK
Limited Art Editions

... and the Medusa.
In mythology no one dared to look in Medusa's eyes. And if someone did, (s)he turned to stone. Her hair, alive snakes, she used as an offensive weapon. Her hands with dangerous sharp claws to scratch. Only her voice was said to be extremely persuasive and charming.

The 100% GREEK Medusa looks straight into your eyes. Seductive, yet cheeky with a glimpse of humor. The snakes, nice and neatly rolled up on curlers. The hands, coquette on her hips. This Medusa is far away from grannies in bunny slippers, nightgowns and hair rollers.
And... she is not only Greek, but also Serifian. Lovable and mysterious… Giving you this irresistible look. She is the mascot of my brand… She is a unique symbol and strong.
She is 100% Greek.

The joy of art

is to create something which fills your heart, makes your thoughts and fantasy flow and inspires you. Just like a moment of happiness. Art can make you think, laugh, or take you on an unknown journey. It creates emotions. Feelings, curiosity, questions, memories, influence & criticism; for the creator and as well as for the viewer.
Art without creating an emotion is not art.
All figures and themes I draw have a personal story. Some I am telling you, others remain secret. Some lead to your own experience, memory or connect you to something or someone.
"No man with a conscience can just bat out illustrations. He's got to put all his talent and feeling into them!"
Quote: Norman Rockwell
In this sense, explore, enjoy and dive into your own Greek adventures...