100% Greek

the Brand

It started with a dream, an idea, a desire to create something memorable and unique and it became a small world on its own... My passion for design, color, texture and love for Greece inspired me to create the brand 100% GREEK.

In summer 2020 I opened my first atelier-shop on Serifos. Why Serifos? It is 100% GREEK. Its "personality" is simple and charming. Greek uniqueness. Traditional. Typical Greek...
Just as my funky & fun illustrations. Charming with a personal story which puts a smile on your face. Simple black lines showing characters, expressing emotions and moods. Hand crafted items made of high quality natural fabrics, robust papers, durable hand printing methods - all created and produced locally.

Turned into day-to-night outfits and accessories for your holidays or at home. Entertaining games, home décor, gifts for your loved ones or little things to pamper yourself. Let 100% GREEK enlighten your mood, remind you on Greece where ever you go and make you happy!

With love


Designer & Illustrator

Living in Germany, Kazakhstan, Netherlands, Sweden, Canada, United States, Brazil, Taiwan, Singapore... I finally made Greece my home. These exotic places, exciting cultures and mentalities, became my inspiration and I captured them on paper since young. Finishing Fine Arts School & university, working at advertising agencies as an art / creative director, in business development and becoming a part of the digital world, I decided to draw ONLY by hand (again) and go on with my own style. Eccentric colors moved for black strong lines. Complex pictures turned into simple expressive illustrations. With this concept I design t-shirts, bags, accessories, home decor, and more.


the Muse

The most cute, stubborn and demanding senior xl-model. He became my muse and inspiration.
A muse is supposed to be anything but a paid model... Okay, this one is being paid off with countless cuddles and cat munchies.
He, his room mates and all other themes I draw are part of my story.
Any other illustration's similarity to actual persons, animals, themes and scenes is purely coincidental. lol...

Friends & Suppliers

Thank you!

A BIG THANK YOU to the support of my dearest friends -
especially to the one who has been next to me doing all these steps (BIG HUG!! to you), to all my reliable suppliers and all the amazing people I met whilst creating the brand 100% GREEK.
All of you believed in this idea of turning my illustrations into memorable items, helped doing extraordinary work with incredible quality and an eye on detail. Each of you has come up with great ideas, good business advice, inspiration and gave me strength.